Sales Associate

Paul joined our team in March 2021 shortly after selling his business, Prep Security. He first met Tom when Tom was the Listing Agent for what became Prep Security's office.


Paul's grandfather started Dinkins Realty in Ocala, FL which specializes in commercial development and his father is now the owner/broker. So commercial real estate "runs in his blood." He and his wife, Trish, a St. Charles native, met while they were both Korean linguists in the Navy and have lived in New Town in St. Charles with their two kids since 2007. Paul owns The Commons, a coworking space in New Town, that among other things offers full-service private offices and month-to-month workspaces.


Paul has an MBA from Washington University and MA in Theology & Culture. Paul is a Certified Crypto Agent and Meta Agent so can help clients interested in using crypto and blockchain in Real Estate. He brings this education and his experience as a business owner to help buyers and sellers evaluate and find the deals that work best for their situation.

Paul Dinkens

Paul Dinkins